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A LOAD BANK TEST is a test of the ability of your generator to run for 2-hours at full load – successfully.  This test will provide a good idea of how your generator will perform during a power outage when you need it.  This test is required for Life Safety Generators as per the CSA Code C282.  And sometimes the test is requested for Non-Life Safety Generators by the administration, Insurance Companies, Mortgage Companies, etc.

A LOAD BANK TEST is commonly  conducted on your generator following a complete Annual Service & Inspection.  The Load Bank equipment is connected to your generator (which has been disconnected from your building) and a full load equal to the generator’s maximum rating/size is run for a total of 2-hours with readings taken regularly throughout the test.  Upon a  successful run, your generator, is given a pass and a Certificate can be issued.

INFRARED SURVEY – if your Generator is required to have the Load Bank Test done as part of a C282 Annual Generator Service, then an ‘Infrared Survey’ will be conducted at the same time, as required.  Before an electrical component burns up, it heats up – so during the Load Bank test, an Infrared thermography (camera) is used to perform inspections/survey on generator electrical equipment to detect these ‘hot spots’.  This excess heat at those spots are usually the first sign of trouble on electrical (or mechanical) equipment – and, preventative maintenance can then be done – avoiding a breakdown just when you need your generator.

What are the BENEFITS of a Load Bank Test? 

  • Certificate – upon a successful completion of a Load Bank Test following an Annual Generator Service, we can provide a C282 Annual Certificate; for Non-Life Safety, we can issue a standard Annual General Certificate  
  • only during this type of test can all the systems be inspected for dependable performance and any potential failure; during this test we can detect where  repairs and replacements are needed; therefore the repairs to any worn parts can be done prior to any potential ‘breakdown’.
  • this test can provide Certification of the reliability of your generator
  • the test (for Diesel Generators) can clean out the exhaust system of any build up

Recommended to have an ANNUAL GENERATOR SERVICE conducted 1x/Year.

We are one of Niagara Region’s LOAD BANK TESTING Specialists – we are available to discuss what your generator needs – just give us a call for a no cost/ no obligation Site Visit to provide a Quote.



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