We’re Your Backup Power Experts

Purchasing the best automatic standby generator system doesn’t have to be a painful process. That’s why Briggs & Stratton® is committed to helping you with every step along the way. In fact, we’ve designed a step-by-step process, so you can make the right decision for your home’s backup power needs.

We’re With You Every Step of The Way!


Why Choose Briggs & Stratton®?

Maybe it’s because of our power management innovation, or our industry-leading warranties. Or maybe it’s because of our never-ending commitment to first-class customer service. Whatever you find most important, we have a lot to offer if you choose Briggs & Stratton® as your backup power partner.

Which is the Best Generator System for My Home?

No two homes are alike. We know that. It’s why we are dedicated to tailoring an automatic standby generator system for your home’s specific needs.
Tell us what you expect to be powered in your home during an outage and we’ll suggest a solution best fit for your home.