Annual Generator Service

Home & Small Business Standby Generator Annual Service and Maintenance

Home Standby Generator Annual Service and Maintenance


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Air-Cooled Units 7 – 22 kW
Natural Gas & Propane
*Non-Life Safety

The Generator manufacturer recommends the ‘Break-In’ service is completed
within 8-12 months following installation and
An ‘Annual Service’ once every, one – two years following the initial ‘Break-in’ service.

Break-In Service- The Very first servicing

• Lash Adjustment
• Includes oil, Oil Filter change, all systems/unit checks, battery load & Run Test.

Annual Service- Recommended once a year.

• Includes Oil & Oil Filter change, all system/Unit Checks,
including battery load & Run Test.
• General Condition Report- Vibration, noise, leakage & temperature
• Service Log Sheet provided to the customer with all Oil and Lubricant levels as
well as the technician’s notes and recommendations for the unit.

We provide the recommended manufacturer’s services as listed in your Owner’s Manual.

 *Customer does not need to be present (at home or office)
The technicians only need access to the generator.


Please Note your Generators Weekly Exercise

All standby generators have a ‘weekly exercise’ mode and should be
automatically set to a date/time that you would notice.
It runs 12 – 15 minutes without a load (no transfer or power interruptions).

If you don’t hear/see it run, check unit & call us if it’s shut down.



Contact us to schedule your Annual Generator Service 

We provide regular servicing from April to October.

*Winter Servicing available at an additional charge*

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