We are your Generator Specialist & Licensed Electrical Contractor

O.S. Niagara Power Systems Inc., operating in the Niagara Region

Who are we?


Div. of 'O.S. Niagara Power Systems Inc.' Call 905-228-3055
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We are Niagara’s Generator Specialist! 

We can help with all of your needs-
Generator or Electrical,
we have you covered.


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Our trained professionals are able to answer all of your questions
and get the job done right the first time.

O.S. Niagara Power Systems Inc. operates as two divisions-
Niagara Generators & O.S. Electric.

As an Electrical Contractor, we have been serving the Niagara Region and
the surrounding areas since 1985. In 2007, we started to specialize in Generators and
by 2012, we created a separate division- Niagara Generators.

Together, the two divisions operate seamlessly on generator projects.

We are a Fully licensed Electrical Contractor (ECRA/ESA #7000156),
a member of the Niagara Industrial Association and a valued member of our community.


We specialize in GENERATORS


 We are an Authorized Dealer & Service provider for;

Our team is trained and ready to help with any of your generator needs.

 O.S. Niagara Power Systems Inc.
Operating as ‘Niagara Generators’ and/or ‘O.S. Electric’

For more information on O.S. Electric or any of your Electrical needs, please visit O.S. Electric.

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