Generator Services

Whether your Generator is a 10 kW Standby or a 350 kW Emergency Backup Generator – all generators need regular service & maintenance to be in optimal condition to run when needed.  We provide Standard Generator Services for Residential Home Standby units ‘Non-Life Safety’ up to 900 kW Life Safety Generators/  C282 Compliance.

Our Services

Standby Generators

7 kW to 24 kW Air-Cooled

Standby Commercial Generators

20 kW – 850 kW Liquid Cooled

Emergency Backup Generators

Liquid-Cooled, Natural Gas, Propane, Diesel

Life Safety Emergency Generators

C282 Standard Compliance

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Annual Preventative Maintenance

Annual Preventative Maintenance = APM

Our unique approach to the Annual service sets us apart from other service providers. We thoroughly inspect your machine, follow up with any recommendations and keep records of your unit and its health.

The APM includes an oil change, the oil filter and a 21-point inspection of the machine as well as a copy of the ‘Service Log’ for your records.


If during the inspection, the air filter, spark plugs, or battery are in need of replacement, that will be done.

Most home standby generators:
Air Filters can range in price from $20-$35 
Spark plugs are approx. $5-$10
Batteries are approx. $150

It is essential to keep an eye on your generator and ensure it performs the weekly exercise.
If the Yellow & Red lights are on or a fault is on display; shut down / low voltage – give us a call!

In the event of a power outage your machine may not come on.

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Completed Projects

Latest Projects

Retirement Commuinties

Many retirement homes and Adult living communities have generators on the property to continue to provide care for those that require electricity at all times.

We are happy to be the service providers for many of the Retirement communities throughout the Niagara Region. 

Niagara Falls Hotels

Fire Codes and regulations are something that every business must take into consideration.  Not only for safety, but the big fines that go along with ignoring these codes.

For a hotel, a Generator provides the company and the guests with peace of mind in the case of an emergency.

Health Services - Portable Clinic

Seeing a healthcare professional is no longer confined to a doctor’s office. Coach buses and other large vehicles are being retrofitted into mobile clinics.

 We are happy to help bring power to these remote services.