CSA C282 – Generator Service and Maintenance

Has your Generator been designated a ‘Life Safety’ Generator?  The C282 CSA Code defines and details what you need to know. We help to simplify the Code and the Inspection, Test, Service, and Maintenance Tables – We help and maintain that you are compliant!

We provide C282 Annual Service to customers throughout the Niagara Region and surrounding area.  We also can provide Weekly, Monthly and Semi-Annual Services and/or training for your maintenance staff to conduct the weekly & monthly mandatory tests.  It is recommended to have a trained Generator Specialist complete the Semi-Annual and Annual Generator Service.

There is a Table for all the Inspections that must be conducted and documented – weekly, monthly, semi-annually and annually.  These tables cover all the testing, servicing inspecting and maintenance to ensure the generator, once completed successfully, can be ‘certified’ as in good and dependable working order.  These records must be kept on file – we recommend a Generator Binder – with the Manuals and other documentation for the generator.  We provide copies of all service, signed and dated, for your records.  And, we also can issue a ‘Certificate for Annual Service’.

We are trained and experienced C282 Generator Service Specialists – call to discuss your generator – a no cost/ no obligation site visit can answer all your questions.