C282 Services

Life Saftey Back up Power

Has your Generator been designated a ‘Life Safety’ Generator?  The C282 CSA Code defines and details what you need to know.

We help to simplify the process and provide our knowledge of the code so you know what you need.

Inspection, Testing, Service, and Maintenance Tables.
We help to keep your facility compliant!

What kind of Services does your Generator need to stay compliant?

Load Bank Testing

Load Banks are like giant toasters that can simulate the power needs of a building and test the generators’ abilities under full load. 

Performing a load bank test on your generator will ensure that the unit can provide the full power needs of your facilities.

C282 Certificate

Are you required to maintain a C282 Certificate?

Transfer Test

Simulates a power outage and fully tests the generator with the full building load.

Monthly Inspections

If your facilities dont have maintenance staff, we can arrange to inspect the generator on a monthly basis. 

Annual & Semi Annual Servicing 

A complete full service including an oil change, top of of all fluids, inspect battery status and other components on the unit.

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