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Diesel Powered Generators remain the number one choice for power generators worldwide.

Perkins engines power all Aurora Generators.  Nothing else lasts longer, and no other company offers better quality, service, and support.

No matter what your application is, there is an Aurora Generator built for you.

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When you want the best, most reliable generator to protect you and your family when disaster strikes, look no further. Our unique North American built heavy duty generators do not produce smoke, odor or loud noise. We use new clean diesel technology engines made in the USA from Perkins / Caterpillar.

With our compact design and unique features, we generate more safe and reliable power over comparable generators. Thousands of happy customers have relied on our generators since 2005. If you need a generator for your home, business or off-grid application, you have come to the right place. Hundreds of our customers have purchased propane, natural gas or petrol powered generators elsewhere only to be disappointed and re-purchasing a second generator from us. Don’t make that mistake.

Start with Aurora Generators and discover what it is like to have true peace of mind when the power goes out. Set it and forget it single button operation or take control of every feature and function.

We are passionate about our generators and customer satisfaction is what drives us.  That’s why we’re proud to present Niagara Generators as our go-to service provider in the Niagara Region!

Why should I buy a diesel generator over a natural gas or propane generator?

In the event of a natural disaster, gas and propane lines are usually shut down by the utility companies or the government to prevent further destruction leaving those customers who have a natural gas or propane generator with a useless unit. Diesel is readily available from your local gas station and therefore, your diesel generator will operate without any restrictions. This scenario alone has influenced many of our customers to purchase a diesel generator.

A diesel generator will last you 22,000 – 25,000 hours and a natural gas or propane generator will last approximately 1,500 hours in total. The extra money you spend on a diesel generator is obviously justified.

Why does it cost more to buy a diesel powered generator? 

Diesel fuel contains more energy and engines using it must be built stronger to take advantage of the higher energy they produce. It costs more to build a diesel engine since it is much stronger and will last about 20 times longer. You will recoup the extra cost with a diesel generator that will last you 22,000 – 25,000 hours over a natural gas or propane generator that will last 1,500 hours in total on average.

How long will diesel fuel last?

Diesel fuel can be expected to last at least 5 years provided steps are taken to keep water and fungus out and potentially up to 10 years with a regular inspection.

To help keep water out of your fuel, tanks should be kept full to reduce the space where water will come from condensation as the tank breathes. The rate at which water collects will depend on local climate and will be higher in hot humid coastal areas.

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